Good Flosser!

Simple but Stylish.
Portable and Convenient.
Plant-based and Responsibly Manufactured.


The sleek and compact design makes storage easy;
bathroom, nightstand, desk, anywhere!

Hygiene first

Let’s face it, our hands have millions of germs that we want to keep away from our mouths.

This is why we designed each pick to be individually wrapped!

Carry it on
Light as feather

No matter where you travel, Oh Good! picks are conveniently wrapped individually  & come in a travel pack.

May the Earth
be with you

Our picks are made with biodegradable plant based materials, and are wrapped in recyclable paper.

Responsibly sourced for a better future.

Share the Floss
Spread the Smiles

Share generously, for it’s wrapped individually. Smile confidently, knowing your pearly whites will always be fresh and clean.

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Oh Good Project’s Flosser
Feel Healthy, Share Happiness.


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